Angel Rays

 Angel Rays peek through a curtain of finely strung thread. Within a bright space, sunlight illuminates pearlescent paint extending beyond the confines of the canvas. The canvas and space are divided by a horizontal line, which inevitably introduces to viewer the space of Western landscape painting. The horizon evokes the expansive oceanic line of my childhood home, in San Diego. From certain perspectives, shimmering rays can be seen off the horizon; it shifts in intensity or disappears as the viewer approaches or moves away. 

Angel Rays, 2019
Acrylic & spray paint on stretched canvas,
pearlescent painted mural, mirrors, brass, ombre stained thread
Dimensions variable
Interactive Installation at San Diego Made Factory
© Mikaela McLeish 2023

about the Installation


Within this interactive installation I hope to create intimate engagement and allow for tender offerings of love and remembrance. Fresh flowers and lit candles serve as ritualistic acts of devotion reminiscent of ofrenda altars. Aura portraits surround the viewer as they step in to the angelic light, pondering existence after life.

Portal, 2020
LED lights, mirrors, wood, spray paint, candles, flowers
Dimensions variable
Interactive Installation in La Jolla
© Mikaela McLeish 2023

about the Installation

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