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90 Day Reset to realign with your soul purpose, create and integrate your Soul Blueprint to activate your aura & radiate that good energy that makes you magnetic!

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Aura Activator

Clarity is knowing what sets your soul on fire

Aura Activator is all about EMBODIED living.
It is the gateway to stepping into the fully expressed and aligned life you've always desired.
This starts with you getting clear on your vision.

Getting clear isn't about what material things you want in your life. It is a blueprint of who you are on a soul level, what makes your heart sing, what is the impact you would like to make in your community, your country, the world.

challenges you are facing:

I feel stuck in the mundane, repeating the same day over and over unclear on my next step in life...

I haven't been embracing my gifts and sharing authentically...

I need support in navigating my fears, working through resistance & overcoming blockages...

"Imagine the ripple effect of each person living their purpose and the effect it has on others. It is the ultimate way we can raise the vibration of the planet."

— Sahara Rose,
Co-founder, Dharma Coaching Institute

You Need

Get clear on your vision and goals. Gain the insight you need to make big shifts happen.

Understand the gifts and shadows of your supa special superpowers through Human Design and Archetype.

Uncover what is holding you back to overcome obstacles,
rewrite limiting beliefs & conquer imposter syndrome.

Aura Activator


Aura Activator

90 Day Reset to create and integrate your Soul Blueprint


Course breakdown:


Get clear on your visions and goals. Chart feelings by utilizing the Dharma Journey Spiral™ framework. Determine how you are feeling right now and what is holding you back.

Get Crystal Clear


Discover your Individual Energy Type by utilizing the Human Design system. Identify your unique Dharma Archetype™. 

Dive In


Activate your unique gifts and innate superpowers! Integrate your obstacles into your gifts and see your mess is part of your message.



Create your unique Soul Blueprint, your sacred mission statement and action plan to fulfill your purpose and embody your Highest Self.

dreams to REALITY

Your breakthrough



Get crystal clear on your vision and goals.


Fill your calendar with what makes your heart happy.


Kick those limiting beliefs in the booty to fully embrace your superpowers.


Create and integrate your Soul Blueprint to know where to focus your energy


Activate Your Aura, become MAGNETIC!

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you desire.

We are requiring a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. You will be able to book calls for the entire 3 months once you enroll.

from PUJA:

“I gained so much clarity, insight, and confidence while working with Mikaela.”

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from Madison

"This course gave me the courage to finally plan my future!"

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Aura Activator

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

so let's get started!

kaitlin reclaimed her power

"Working with Mikaela is a gift.

She provides a safe space where you feel loved and seen while being the mirror you need along the way of your healing journey. I was able to retrace my steps throughout our session and revisit moments in which my inner dialogue shifted. Not only did we get to the root of certain beliefs, but she provided me with the opportunity to flip the script and reclaim beliefs about myself that may not be true. I have so much gratitude for her guidance, healing presence + wisdom."

dive deep!

Puja dived deep into her purpose

"She has an ability to get to the core of every musing, situation, and goal and reflect it back to you in a refined and precise way.

She offers a grounded and loving energy that is disarming and nonjudgmental which allows you to dive deep into what you are trying to achieve through working with her. Her gift is the warm and safe spaces she creates for you and her strength is offering clear and focused direction, advice, and guidance."

Sonia healed her inner child

"Mikaela had an intuitive ability to guide me back to the root of my hurt and walk me through my healing.

She is able to create a space that quickly made me feel safe and vulnerable to share. I am grateful for our time together."

"Your vision is a mirror to
your highest self."

— Coach Mikaela, Founder, Aura Activator

You are more magical than you think

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your superpower to the next level. You just need guidance along the journey.

you're in the right place.


Grab your seat today and get Your Aura!

I'm gifting custom digital art of Your Before and After Aura if you sign up during the month of June. 

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Discover your true purpose

Move past the mind and body and into the soul

Have a clear actionable plan in place for where to focus your energy

Identify inborn superpowers

Experience an ongoing flow of creativity, confidence and courage

Be able to attract opportunities in alignment with your sacred mission

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Mermaid obsessed, 2/4 Manifestor,
visionary Artist Nurturer Archetype

Hi, I'm Mikaela, Your Soul Sistah + Coach.

I create containers of magic for visionaries. I help dreamers go beyond the mundane to experience life of their own design by turning their vision into their mission.


Certified Soul Purpose Coach,
Dharma Coaching Institute 2020
BFA in Painting,
San Francisco Art Institute 2014
10+ years experience in Art Education

My superpower is

igniting the flame of your heart's desire to spread like wildfire

I can see the radiance in your aura, hear the power in your story, and feel the magic in your energy.

Your vision is a mirror to your highest self. But that vision only becomes real when you start listening to your intuition and get crystal clear with yourself. When we live in alignment with our unique gifts we tap into our limitless potential, amplifying our life and all we create!

As an Artist I have always had a deep connection to creativity. Art is an expression of the artist’s inner thoughts, feelings, musings on society and culture in a specific moment in time. Art makes us human. 

We both know you are here to make an

And I'm here to guide you, soul sistah!

One of my mentors Ajit Nawalkha opened my mind when he told me “You are a work of art” This simple shift in mindset has opened up a pandora’s box of freedom.

I am the Creator and the Muse. I am a breathing, evolving work of art transforming each day with new life experiences, feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Each moment adding to the spectrum of colors reflected from my soul. 

You are the Creator and the Muse. It takes courage to pick up the paintbrush to bring your vision to life. It takes consistent action to build a new skill. Sometimes, the painting sucks…but it’s not about the painting, it’s about the process, and there are methods that will make magic flow.

love my mentors
Sahara, Neeta & Ajit


Aura Activator is a high touch point program that utilizes spiritual, somatic, and psychology techniques that are proven to create results.

I'm a trained Soul Purpose Coach, certified in Dharma Coaching Institute frameworks, and was mentored closely by Sahara Rose best-selling author of Discover Your Dharma, Dr. Neeta Bhushan Founder of Global GRIT Institute, & Ajit Nawalkha co-founder Evercoach by Mindvalley.

I firmly believe in results and a high touch point program. Too many coaches in the market are selling their program to the masses which makes you just another number. Not here. I am here to support you. You will walk away with your completely customized Soul Blueprint in hand to take action on.





This program includes everything you need to do that thing

This program includes

If you have a burning desire to fully write & ignite the next chapter of your life...

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you need

to embody your highest self

You should apply if you know in your heart :

I feel out of alignment with my passion & purpose

I feel disconnected from my intuition

I need support in navigating my fears, working through resistance & overcoming blockages

I haven’t been embracing my gifts & sharing authetically

I am ready to step into my power

I am worthy of a life of joy, expression, abundance & embodiment of my highest self

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This      for you if:


Not living your dream is costing you everything

YOu need help understanding your purpose

You know you are meant for more

It's probably        for you if...


You're comfortable living the same life

You're looking for an overnight solution


Aura Activator

Let's do it.



How long does the program last?

The 1:1 Private Coaching Container is a 90 day reset, allowing us to discover your soul purpose as you reconnect to your Highest Self! You will receive soulwork (homework for the soul) to further integrate in between live coaching calls & accountability check-ins.

How often will we meet?

Weekly for 60 minutes via Zoom. You will be able to book calls for the entire 3 months when you enroll.

When do we start?

The minute you sign up you'll have immediate access to your Dharma Archetype Assessment and a link to schedule your complimentary clarity call. So it starts as soon as you make your payment!

a Bit


Have questions about how the Aura Activator
will help your specific situation?

Schedule a 15-minute call to see if this is the right fit for you.

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